Dec 5, 2007

Who Would Have Thought Technology Could Be So Hot?

While milling around on Digg today I found an upcoming post about a new WEB 2.0 site aimed at...get this...digging on the hottest looking tech girls out there. It really isn't that there is a site for voting up the prettiest girls that amazes me though. Nope, what amazes me is there are actually really hot tech girls out there!

Lets be honest here for a minute. The computer industry really isn't known for its beauty. Actually it is quite the opposite. We are known for wearing high waters, tape on our glasses and pocket protectors. (Don't you just love stereotypes?)

Well, this site called is breaking that stereotypical mold. Hurry up and check it out, because if you look at their "About Us" page, you will see that it is only a matter of time before threatens to sue them.

For the ladies? Don't worry, they didn't leave you out, there is also to fulfill your geeky fantasies.

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