Dec 16, 2007

It's Official. You Just Prefer To Build It Yourself

I just closed the last poll which asked the question, "Who is your favorite computer manufacturer." Al lot of you answered this one. I guess this particular topic struck a cord.

Not surprising though, the results leaned more towards building computers yourself. Why is that? Is it because most of you are gamers? Maybe. Is it because most of you just don't like some of the proprietary bull crap you find on the major manufacturers. I suppose that could be true too. I think it is because if you build it yourself, you know exactly what it can do, oh, and you can over clock the shit out of it too!

Personally, I don't like building computers myself. I have done it, sure. In fact my main computer at home is one I build myself. I understand the whole Doctor Frankenstein feeling when you put it all together, and power it on for the first time and scream, "It's alive! It's alive!"

No, I am done with building my own computers. Too much of a hassle for me. I am not much of a computer gamer either, so the stock systems from HP or Dell work for me. I guess I am a minority though. At least that is according the the recent Bauer-Power poll. 64 people responded, and here is a pie chart breakdown of the results:

As you can see, 38% of you said you prefer to build your own computer. Dell came in a close second with 20% of the vote. Apple came in a tight 3rd place with 19%.

Don't forget to vote in my new poll on which asks what is your favorite PDA?

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