Dec 6, 2007

BP Reader's Choice: Intel Is Still The King

As some of you may have seen, and perhaps even have participated in, I have been trying to put a poll up every once in a while to get your ideas on the tech stuff you like. I had one once on DVD ripping, one for favorite operating system, and the last one for your favorite processor manufacturer.

After 55 votes, I finally decided to close the poll and post the results. At first I thought it would be a landslide victory for the processing giant Intel, but AMD came back with a vengeance to make it a little closer. Intel still won by only 6 votes after the long hard fight. Final verdict: Intel is still the king!

Here is the final breakdown:

  • Intel: 26 Votes, 47%
  • AMD: 20 Votes, 36%
  • PowerPC: 1 Vote, 2%
  • People who didn't know: 8 Votes, 15%

I am not really surprised actually. Intel has really stepped up its competition against AMD to maintain its crown as the kind of the processors.

Also, AMD's latest flagship, Phenom, just isn't doing as well as hoped. If AMD wants to get ahead they have to knuckle down, innovate and really want to stare Intel in the eye and say, "bring it on mother f#$ker."

I already heard you in the poll, but now I want to hear you in the comments! What's your take on all of this?

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