Dec 15, 2007

Do You Fancy Yourself a Pirate?

Nobody can argue that there is a unique fascination lately about pirates. No doubt this fascination is propagated by the popularity of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. Of course there are no more swashbucklers out there, but there are still pirates. These bad boys sail on the high seas of the internet, and hoist their jolly rogers over their computer monitors.

So how does one join these new cyber-buckineers? Is the process hard? Where does one turn for the latest software to wield like their shiny cutlass? You can turn here of course ;-)

I'm going to specifically write about software for copying DVD's. I want to make it clear that I do not condone video piracy, and I only recommend the use of these tools for legitimate purposes such as to make legal copies of your family reunion video. I personally have only tested this software and do not regularly use it. However, these tools can and are often used for video, or more specifically DVD piracy.

The tool I'm talking about is called RipIt4Me. It uses DVD Decrypter as it's DVD ripping engine, then goes through and cleans up any DVD encryption that DVD Decrypter couldn't take care of itself (After all DVD Decrypter is no longer being updated since the developer who wrote the program got busted.) Once the files are clean, the DVD is ready to be shrunk. You see, many DVD's that you buy are pressed onto a dual layer DVD, which means the DVD can hold about 9GB of data. The problem is, that DVD-R's or DVD+R's out there only hold 4.5GB of data. In order to fit it in, you need a tool like DVD Shrink to shrink it down. RipIt4Me automatically hands off the cleaned files to DVD Shrink to be shrunk down to fit on a 4.5GB disk.

Most people worry about loss of quality when performing this process. That is a legitimate concern. Anytime you shrink the data, there will be some loss in quality, but there are options in DVD Shrink to minimize the loss.

In order for it to work, you will need all three programs installed. Infact, DVD Shrink and DVD Decrypter must be installed first before you install RipIt4Me. You can do the process yourself with just DVD Decrypter, and DVD Shrink, but the problem is that since DVD Decrypter isn't updated anymore, it has a problem breaking the encryption on the new DVD's. Also, RipIt4Me provides a "one-click" process that you won't be able to get by manually running the programs yourself.

If you want to wave your DVD Copying sabre, and shoot a cannonball at copyright laws, then check out RipIt4Me. Parrot not included.

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