Dec 7, 2007

What is This RSS Thing Anyway?

I have a lot of family members, and friends that are less than computer savvy. Half of my in laws are still using dial-up for crying out loud! My parents just got broadband internet in my home town in po-dunk Colorado. Believe it or not, technology just hasn't caught up with everyone yet.

One thing that confuses the hell out of them when I am talking about my blog is RSS. I tell them, "Hey guys, stay up with the latest updates from my blog. Subscribe to my RSS feed."

Then the blank stares set in, and they look at me like I'm speaking some foreign language.

RSS SubscribeWell here's the deal, RSS makes finding the latest stuff on the internet easy, and extremely fast. I found this video that puts things in perspective in a great way. This video comes from, and explains just what RSS is in plain English. Are you paying attention Mom and Dad?

Now that you know what RSS is, why not let me make your internet reading experience a little easier? Why not subscribe to my RSS feed right now? All you have to do is click here: (Bauer-Power RSS Feed).

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