Dec 26, 2007

Where is Add/Remove Programs in Vista?

Since I am visiting my wife's family for Christmas, I have of course been roped into doing computer service for them along with the rest of her family. That doesn't really bother me too much though because I love this stuff.

Well, on my wife's aunt's new computer she has Windows Vista Home Basic. I haven't upgraded myself, because lets face it, Vista sucks. Unfortunately it is a reality, and people are upgrading so we had better start learning it.

For the most part, there are a lot of similarities with Vista and the the previous two versions of Windows, but they did make some subtle changes for the sake of change. One of those changes is where they put Add/Remove Programs. The new computer I was setting up for 'aunty' came from Dell so of course it was loaded with bloatware, and trial crap that she didn't need. I had to get rid of it, but when I went into control panel, Add/Remove Programs wasn't there. It didn't magically appear when I changed my view to classic mode either.

No, they stuck it in a weird place in my opinion. Now if you want to remove an application you have to open up 'My Computer' and in the top bar there is a button that says, "Uninstall or change a program."

New name, new location, same thing.

What computer related stuff did you get roped into this Christmas? Got any horror stories or success stories? Hit me up in the comments!

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