Dec 1, 2007

Yet Another Free Streaming Movies Page

A little while back I mentioned a cool website you can go to to watch free streaming movies online. Major motion pictures are featured there, and even some of your favorite television shows. That site was called Joox.

Today, I will mention another free movie site where you can watch free streaming movies online, and in some cases even download them.

This site is called WizMovies, and they have a really large selection of movies to watch, even some that are still in the theater. For example, one of the movies I saw on their site is the block buster CGI epic, Beowulf!

Besides movies, they also have television shows, cartoons, sports channels, and even news channels.

It's about instant satisfaction really. Watch the movie now, instead of in a few hours or days with bittorrent. Streaming movies is the way of the pirating future.

Please note that Bauer-Power is not affiliated with WizMovies, or Joox for that matter. Use of their service is legally questionable, and you should do so at your own risk.

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