Dec 14, 2007

Dateline Reporter Punked at Defcon

In my daily web browsing I found this interesting video. It is taken from one of the largest, if not THE largest hacker conventions in the United States called DEFCON.

Before watching this video, there is something you may want to know. Hackers usually aren't too keen on two different types of people:

  1. Federal Agents
  2. Undercover Reporters

As you will see in this video, what happened was a reporter from NBC's Dateline snuck into the convention without a press pass pretending to be one of the hackers so she could get a scoop. The hackers found out about it and decided to play a little game called "Find The Undercover Reporter." When they did, they escorted her off the premises in complete humiliation. Pretty funny if you ask me. Check it out:

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