Dec 6, 2007

How To Make a Custom Favicon For Your Website

Have you been browsing around on the internet and noticed the little icon next to the URL? Or perhaps if you are a tab browsing person like me, you see the little icon next to the name on the tab? Ever wonder how that got there?

Honestly, I did too. Up until today I had the default blogger logo next to my URL, and frankly it drove me nuts. This is Bauer-Power, not blogger...We just happen to use blogger ;-)

Those icons are called favicons (short for 'favorites icon') and are also known as a website icon, a page icon or an urlicon.

According to Wikipedia: a favicon is an icon associated with a particular website or webpage. A web designer can create such an icon, and many recent web browsers can then make use of them. Browsers that support favicons may display them in the browser's URL bar, next to the site's name in lists of bookmarks, and next to the page's title in a tabbed document interface.

Anyway, after a little stumbling I happened upon the html code needed to change the blogger (or wordpress) icon, or even just set one up for your personal website.

In the html code, under the <head> tag, put the following tag in:

<link rel="shortcut icon" href="" />

Make sure you change the URL above with the real link to your image. You can use File Den, My File Hut, or just do a Google search for free image hosting. Upload your image and get the URL (Hint, you don't need all of their code, just the link to the image).

Once it is pasted in, you will now have your custom logo at the top of the page!

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