Dec 14, 2007

Cool Little Password Manager

This one is by request. I don't really use password managers myself. I do see the use for them, I just tend to remember my passwords. I make them complicated, yet easy for me to remember. Well, a classmate from school sent me a Myspace message saying I should blog about password managers. I asked him why, and he said because he wanted to know which ones are the best to use. So basically it boils down to he doesn't want to do any research for himself... I get it.

Honestly, I am not sure which is the best, but since I just wrote about a free Comodo software backup utility yesterday. I figured why not keep with the Comodo theme. You see, Comodo also offers a really cool free password manager. Their password manager is called iVault.

From Comodo:

Sick of your desktop being cluttered with scraps of paper? Need a secure location to store ALL your confidential information. Comodo i-Vault is the automated password manager that will revolutionize the way you surf the web and organize your vital data.

Here are some of iVault's key features:

  • Bauer-Power PadlockInstantly login to your favorite websites and applications
  • Speed up surfing - No more forgotten passwords
  • Single point of storage for all your confidential information
  • 256 bit encryption of credit card and bank account details
  • Secure Password Generator instantly creates complex passwords
  • Supports multiple users on a single machine
  • Anti Keylogging feature- stop hackers monitoring your personal data
  • 'Drag 'n' drop' interface -Windows ease of use
Do you use any password managers besides iVault that you can recommend for my classmate? Let me know in the comments!

[EDIT BY El Di Pablo: iVault Only Works With IE. If you are a Firefox user, this will not work.]

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