Dec 5, 2007

Just In Time For The Holidays! NEW BAUER-POWER GEAR

Thats right folks! Tis the season the get your geek on for family and friends! Don't wait until the last minute to get the computer tech in your family something they will cherish for all time! I of course am talking about the new Bauer-Power gear!

You too can sport the stylish look of the Bauer-Power Linux Tux penguin! Just take a look at our lovely model below!

Besides the tank top displayed on miss thang, we also have a few new designs featuring our Gatorade Onion from the post I did yesterday on powering an iPod with an Onion and Gatorade! Check them out, they will be going fast!

[EDIT: Sorry, no Gatorade Onion Items. Cafe Press Wouldn't Allow the Gatorade Logo. So, More Tux to go around!]

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