Dec 3, 2007

Google Fighting Malware

Today must be Google day. I just finished posting an article about using Google as a password cracker, and now I am posting one about the good side of the internet giant.

This one comes from Download Squad. They are reporting that Google has actively cleaned it's database of hundreds of thousands of malware redirect sites. Many of these sites earner high Google rankings by using bots to spam forums, and comments to artificially build up their back links.

According to Download Squad:

Google has cleansed more than 40,000 of these hosting sites from their index, so for now - it looks like the biggest source of this sort of attack has been taken offline.OK - you might be thinking, spam search results show up everyday - why is this a big deal? It's a big deal because the techniques used for these attacks was more clever and thought out than the typical SEO-poisoning. It's also a big deal just based on the sheer scale of sites and domains dedicated to hosting these links and because of the malware involved.

Great job Google! That will certainly help to reduce the number of spyware, trojans and virus calls I get on a daily basis.

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