Dec 1, 2007

Free Reverse Cell Phone Lookup – Possible or Not?

Free reverse cell phone lookup raises a number of questions. Is it really possible to find a cell owner’s details online for free? What services should you use? How accurate is the information?

Theoretically, yes, you can find what you need – a person’s full name, address and other personal info – using a cell phone number. Practically, how successful you will be depends on your wish to spend time, effort and money. Since we are talking about free reverse cell phone lookup, it is mostly about your time and effort. And good luck, of course.

Free reverse phone number search is pretty much lottery-like. Forget free online phone directories – they don’t list cell phone numbers; without spending a penny, the only choice you have is to try and find a person on your own.

Start with Google as a major search engine. Enter the number and see if it returns any results. Try a few variations – use spaces, dashes or dots to separate the figures. Try searching the number in quotation marks as well. There are quite a few of possible variants, and the more searches you run the more chances to succeed you have.

Unfortunately, even if your search does return plenty of results, they may not contain the information you need. There is also a chance that the information is outdated or even incorrect. For example, if the person you are looking for left his/her cell phone number on a site, but provided a nickname instead of full name, that is what you get as your search result. Free reverse cell phone lookup works only in case a person has voluntary posted his contact details online (sometimes, without realizing it, though).

Needless to say, the entire process is time consuming and tiring. If you really hoped to find the information you needed, spent a few hours, but came out with zero results, it can be very frustrating. To avoid all this, you could simply use a paid reverse cell phone number lookup and collect all the necessary data within seconds.

There are plenty of companies on the Web that offer paid services in reverse cell phone number search. You can be charged per search or successful result, monthly or yearly, or even once for the lifetime. Some websites are reputed phone number directories with huge database and customer satisfaction guarantee; phoney sites are there as well and they are just waiting to rip you off.

A good legitimate reverse cell phone lookup provider will not only tell you who owns the number, but a bundle of other useful information including the person’s background, civil (and, in some cases, even criminal) records, etc, so you can investigate that mysterious cell phone number professionally and effortlessly.

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Author: Davion W

About the Author:
Davion does a fair bit of investigative work. Start your reverse cell phone search at his popular phone search blog immediately to discover everything you need to know about the Caller on the Other Line. Also, read another of his popular article on reverse cell phone lookup.

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