Dec 24, 2007

An Admin's Night Before Christmas

Since it is in fact, The Night Before Christmas, I thought I would bring this to the top!

Please bear with me. I am not a poet at all which you will soon be able to tell, but I thought this would be fun none the less. I know that it sometimes lacks in Iambic Pentameter, but like I said, I am not a poet.

Anyway, I was in my Advanced TCP/IP class in college, bored out of my mind when I decided to write this. I hope you like it, and it gives you a good chuckle! -EDP

An Admin's Night Before Christmas
By Paul Bauer
(AKA: El Di Pablo)

'Twas the night before Christmas

and all through the LAN.

Not a problem apparent.

All is right with the SAN.

I in my P.J.'s
and XBox in front of me
had just settled down
to play Halo 3.

Then my Blackberry
with buzzing and clatter

signaled via SMS
something was the matter.

A server is down.
Not responding, can't ping.

Can't RDP, SSH, iLO or VNC.

After acknowledging the alert

I hopped in my car.
With only a quick stop

for some Jolt and a Snickers bar.

Minutes later at the data center

I arrived out of breath.

Soon to find my server

with a blue screen of death.

An automatic update
which my server did not agree,

was the cause of my
shiny, new blue screen.

A system restore
the server online.
I logged in and
updates this time.

After closing the ticket

and feeling thrown under a bus,
I made plans for after Christmas

to configure WSUS.

2:00AM, back at home

I checked once more
for alerts on my phone.

All appears well

I drank a cap full of Maalox.
I laid my head down

and dreamed of Linux.

Merry Christmas!

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