Oct 31, 2011

How To Spoof Email on The Easy

Happy Halloween! Just in time for a new episode of Tech Chop! This episode isn’t really all Halloweened up particularly, but it does have to deal with one aspect of Halloween. That is playing tricks on people! That’s right, Halloween is not just for candy and sluts!

In this episode, which stars my lovely wife Mary by the way, I show you three ways you can send fake spoofed emails using apps for your Android, or iPhone. I also show you how you can send out a spoofed email from your Ubuntu computer. Check it out!


You can learn more about the software used, as well as the commands used by checking out the show notes over a Tech Chop.

Speaking of Halloween… Here is my costume:

bauer-power zombie

What are you dressing as for Halloween? Post links to some pics in the comments!

Oct 26, 2011

Goodbye Remastersys, Hello Re-Linux!

As some of you well know, Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) was recently released. You all know what that means right? Yup, it's time for another version of Bauer-Puntu Linux! For you Bauer-Puntu users, you will be happy to know that i've been busily working on a 11.10 installment of Bauer-Puntu but ran into a little snag the other day.

You see, I used to use Remastersys to build my custom ISO image for Bauer-Puntu since the beginning. Well I went to install it on my Bauer-Puntu 11.10 build machine and holy crap! Remastersys packed up shop, took their code and walked out the effing door!

My first reaction was to piss myself, then I regrouped and came up with a better plan. I decided to bitch on Twitter about it. Good thing I did too because @tnicholson suggested that I take a look at Re-Linux. This is exactly what I needed! In fact, it is basically Remastersys without the GUI!

I found a good blog article on how to install it, and run it here: (lkubuntu)

So needless to say, Bauer-Puntu is now back on track, and should be out in the next few days! Here is a screen shot from Bauer-Puntu 11.10 running Re-Linux!

re-linux bauer-puntu 11.10

Know of a better alternative to Remastersys and Re-linux for Ubuntu? Let me know what you like in the comments.

Oct 25, 2011

Dell PowerVault MD3000i and Windows 2008 R2

I had the strangest issue yesterday and thought it would be good to share it with you guys. It’s something I’ve never really encountered in the world of iSCSI SANs until now. I’ve used Dell PowerVault’s in the past but only with VMWare, so this particular issue never came up.

First let me tell you some of my symptoms, I have two Windows 2008 R2 servers running on HP hardware that I want to use in a SQL failover cluster. For failover clustering, you need to have shared storage, hence the Dell MD3000i. With any of our other SAN devices, including my home-grown SAN using Ubuntu, all I had to do to connect a LUN was to enter the IP address of the SAN device in Microsoft iSCSI initiator’s quick connect, and bam it’s there.

Well, when I tried to add a LUN it would connect fine in MS iSCSI Initiator, but when I went into disk management I would see the LUN I wanted to add along with another 20MB Disk.


If I tried to bring the disk from the MD3000i online I would get an error saying “Invalid Function”. In the picture above, you can see the 220GB LUN I was trying to add, and it’s blue. That’s because I finally got it to work, and I’ll tell you how I did it.

In each server I had to download the Dell MD3000i Resource CD that contains the software for the Modular Disk Storage Manager Client (MSDM). I didn’t think I really needed it because it was already installed on another server where I manage my storage. Why would I need the storage management on every server right? Well you don’t, but the CD does come with a special MPIO driver that Windows 2008 R2 needs to correctly work with the MD3000i. If you don’t have the driver, Windows only see’s one path to the SAN even though you enable multi-path.

Once you download the CD iso image, you can extract it with 7zip, then go into the Windows folder and run Setup. Click on Install MD3000i Storage Software, and when prompted select the Host option which installs only the multi-path driver and the storage agent.



After that is done installing, reboot your server and everything will be working properly now. You will no longer have that weird 20MB drive in disk manager, and you will be able to bring your drive online without the Incorrect Function error either.

Is it just me, or is this kind of weird? Why a special driver for a particular iSCSI device? The NetApps, HP Lefthands and home-grown SANs I have used never required a special driver. I wonder why Dell is so special. If you know, enlighten me in the comments.

Oct 20, 2011

Bauer-Puntu 11.10 Will Use XFCE

Back in my early Ubuntu days I switched over to Xubuntu which was Ubuntu that used XFCE for it's desktop environment instead of Gnome. The thing I liked about XFCE was that it was lighter than Gnome, and didn't use up as many system resources. I think it was around the time I started making Bauer-Puntu Linux that I switched back over to regular Ubuntu with Gnome and have been stuck there ever since.

That is until now. I am in the process of building Bauer-Puntu 11.10, which of course will use Ubuntu 11.10 as the base. When I downloaded Ubuntu 11.10 though I wasn't too happy with the desktop environment. I'm not talking about stupid Unity either, I am talking about Gnome Shell 3.2. It sucks! Frankly, I don't think I should have to do a Google search to find out where the hell they placed the system menu. You can find it by clicking on your user name in the upper right by the way. How friggin' un-intuitive is that? Also, how the frig do you edit panels, and add/remove objects from panels? When you right click on one of the panel bars, you no longer get the option to add something to the panel. What gives Gnome?

Anyhoo, I decided to install XFCE by running:

>sudo apt-get install xfce4

Then I logged out, and logged back in using XFCE. Much better! Welcome back my good friend XFCE! It's been a while! Have a beer! Mmmmm Taurino Cerveza!


Anyhoo, the point of this is to let you Bauer-Puntu users know to expect a leaner and faster Bauer-Puntu if all goes well with me building it using XFCE. If you are new to XFCE, I think you will dig it. It is similar to Gnome, but everything runs way the hell faster. It's just not as pretty.

I am curious to know what you think about the switch from Gnome to XFCE. Good idea? Bad idea? What desktop environment do you prefer and why? Let me know in the comments.

Oct 19, 2011

Mvix Ultio Pro (MX-880HD) Review


I have a friend that mentioned that he had purchased a really cool device called the Mvix Ultio. It is an HD media server device that can play just about any type of media file out there in 1080p goodness. It also features something that most devices of its kind don't, a built in BitTorrent client!

I decided to contact Mvix USA to see if I could get a review model to test out myself. Lucky for me, they sent me a review unit at a substantial discount! Anyway, when I got the unit, it wasn't the unit my friend had, but their latest model, the Mvix Ultio Pro! T.his device, like it's predecessor, has a built-in BitTorrent client, can handle internal storage up to 2TB, as well as additional storage via USB, and SDHC. It will also play DVD's if you have an external USB DVD ROM.

With a built-in BitTorrent client, you probably already assume that it is network attached right? Good, glad we're on the same page. Yes, you can either attach it via ethernet cable, or via wifi. Since it is network attached, you can also share files over the network to and from the Ultio Pro using SMB shares. Also, if you have a UPnP server like PlayOn or Tversity, you can stream stuff like Hulu, Netflix and Pandora directly to your TV!

Ok, now you know all about the device, lets get down to my review. All the above are true. You could potentially use this device to free yourself from your TV cable company, satellite company etc. Would you really want to though? That is the real question with this device. You see, for a computer guy, this device is fine, but I think the average user might not like this device as an alternative to cable. The reason being it that the device's navigation is done in file folder format. Trying to find something to watch, even using UPnP is like browsing through files on your PC. Also, when you hi-light a show, or a file, there is no metadata, or show information. People like seeing that stuff when they are browsing for things to watch, that is why cable companies do that. Here are some pictures of what I'm talking about from my TV:

The top picture is the file structure of the internal hard drive, the bottom picture is from Hulu. To me, it isn't so bad. Especially with Hulu using PlayOn, because you at least get the episode titles. You also get a little bit of a preview on the upper right. The problem though is that when using UPnP there is a little bit of a lag when navigating between shows, and you have to wait almost one full minute before you get the preview to work.

Navigating the local hard drive isn't as bad, as it is relatively fast. The problem there is the BitTorrent client. There are a couple of things I don't like about it. One, you can only download one item at a time. If you wanted to use a Torrent RSS feed from say EZRSS, you will still have to use the BitTorrent client on your PC. Also, it dumps all downloads to the root on one file folder. If you want to keep your shows organized, once again, you will have to use the Torrent client on your PC. I had my PC Torrent client set to download directly to the Ultio Pro over SMB, the problem with that is that SMB to the Ultio is ridiculously slow and periodically disconnects. To compensate I have to download to my local hard drive, then using a Robocopy script, I move the files over to the Ultio Pro. Not exactly user friendly for the average Joe.

As mentioned above, the device supports UPnP. That is good, because if you want to watch legal shows from the Internet, that is how you have to do it. The problem? The only UPnP server that I know of that does this well is PlayOn which costs $39.99 for the license plus an annual subscription of $19.99 after that. Sure, it's cheaper than cable, but I think if Mvix wants to truly make a cable TV killer, they need to have this functionality built in. They do have some things built in like Youtube, but for some reason it looks like crap... Too much compression I guess.

Finally, lets get to the hardware. I mentioned above that the device supports up to a 2TB SATA hard drive. Now you can buy this bundled with the device for a little extra. For instance, the device retails for around $160. If you want a 1TB drive, you can add an additional $90. For 2TB you pay an additional $179! I recommend that you buy this without the drive, and get your drive some place else. I picked up a 1TB SATA drive from Geeks.com for only $64.99! Installation is pretty easy too, all you have to do is unscrew the top, mount the bracket, and plug it in.

All said and done, on a scale of 1 to 5, I give this device a 3.5. It does display video really well, and it plays everything. I do like that I can watch anything I can find online, and the device is fairly easy to use. My problem with it is that it really isn't "pretty". That is fine for me, but if I am going to convince my wife to let me cancel cable, this device has to be easy for her to use, and at least "look" like something you get with Cable or Satellite TV. Because it isn't, this device is sitting in my entertainment center like a novelty instead of a money saving solution.

If you are looking for something relatively cheap to replace cable, this device is a good option. If you already have a Playstation 3, or and Xbox360, don't waste your money, because you can get the same UPnP functionality by just buying PlayOn by itself to use with those devices. If you want something all encompassing, I think upcoming Google TV might be a better option.

Let me know what you think. Do you have an Mvix Ultio, or Ultio Pro? Do you like it? Do you have something better? Let us know in the comments!

EDIT: So I've had this thing for a while now and it worked OK, but after about a year it started to stop playing videos in the middle and freeze with an I/O error. It seemed to be caused by the box overheating, as the box is very poorly designed and has very little ventilation. I have since removed the internal hard drive, and have switched completely to streaming videos using a UPnP server, which so far works okay.

If I were you, don't waste your time or money on this thing. Go with an Apple TV or a WD TV Live HD box.

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Oct 14, 2011

How To Connect A Windows L2TP over IPSEC Client To RRAS Behind NAT

At my company we recently replaced our Cisco ASA 5505 with a different firewall solution. Before we swapped it out a lot of remote users would use the Cisco VPN client to remote back into the network here. Our new firewall has it's own SSL VPN for remote users, but it's kind of flaky and doesn't work on Mac's. Therefore I decided to setup a Windows VPN server using Routing and Remote Access (RRAS). To me, the Microsoft VPN is the easiest to setup, and use. Plus it doesn't require a third party client. Also, if your users have Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7 they can use the cool new SSTP VPN protocol, which is secured with SSL.

If they are using Windows XP, or Mac though, they cannot use SSTP. In the past, I would just have users use PPTP, but it's not very secure any more. According to Wikipedia:

PPTP has been the subject of many security analyses and serious security vulnerabilities have been found in the protocol. The known vulnerabilities relate to the underlying PPP authentication protocols used, the design of the MPPE protocol as well as the integration between MPPE and PPP authentication for session key establishment.

Okay, so PPTP is out of the picture, but works with Windows XP users and Mac users. What else can we use that is supported on both, but is more secure than PPTP? How about L2TP over IPSEC? Now we’re cooking! There is a problem with this setup if you’re RRAS is NAT’d though. Your Mac clients will have no problem connecting, but for some reason your Windows clients can’t. This is a known issue from Microsoft, and it can be fixed with a registry edit.

For Windows XP clients do the following:

  • Click Start > Run. Type in regedit and click OK
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\IPSec
  • Create a new DWORD called AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule and set the value to 2
  • Reboot

For Windows Vista/Windows 7 clients (If you don’t like SSTP)

  • Press WIN+R, type in regedit and click OK
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\PolicyAgent
  • Create a new DWORD value called AssumeUDPEncapsulationContextOnSendRule and set the value to 2.
  • Reboot

Now your Windows clients should be able to connect using L2TP over IPSEC without issue.

[Via Microsoft]

Oct 13, 2011

The Shadiest Fully Automated Free Youtube View Increaser

The last two days I have shared with you some shady places where one can inflate their Youtube views. All of these methods are view trading methods, and none of them use proxies or fake pings to boost views. Each view you get is by someone like you who wants their video views increased. Basically you all trade views for views. Simple right?

Okay, so yesterday I talked about TubeView Trader, which I said was automated, but only let you watch 20 videos at a time. That means that you can set and forget it, but you have to come back to your computer every few minutes to run it again. For some, that may not be shady enough. For you truly shady black hat marketing bastards, I found one you can truly set and forget. Hell, you could probably set this thing on your home PC and go to work letting it run all day racking up points. Just an idea…

This thing will also run in your system tray, so you can let it run with your speakers turned off or something while you work. Yet again, automatically racking up the points. Is it getting cold in hear with all this shade?

This tool is called u2b Views. It does not work in a browser like the previous tools. It is a stand alone application that, as I mentioned before, runs in your system tray when minimized. Also, it requires .Net Framework 4.0 and only works in Windows. Here is a screen shot:


As you can see in the screen shot, not only does this thing play videos, but it also mimics doing a video search on Youtube before pulling up Youtube videos. Sweet damn that is shady! How it works from their page:

Firstly, our system was heavily tested on existing videos before going live, and the results were quite promising. Basically, here's a quick overview on how the credit/view system work :

  • First, you insert your video to u2bviews. Our unique script then checks how many views the video has to start with.
  • You then put in the desired number of credits you want.1 credit = 1 view on YouTube.
  • So for example: If you insert a video which already has 10 views on YouTube, and then you place 10 credits on the video , the video will end up with 20 views on YouTube. (And only when the youtube counter reaches that views [number], it will then be removed from the system).

Sounds simple doesn’t it? Know of any other fully automated tools like this? Are they free like this one? Let us know about the ones you use in the comments.

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Oct 12, 2011

More Shady and Automated Way To Increase Youtube Views

Yesterday I wrote about Utube Train which is an online community where you can submit your Youtube videos, and basically trade views with other users in the community. Each video you watch gives you points, and you can then trade those points in for more video views of your stuff. Simple right? Well it's not automated, nor shady enough for some users so I dug around a little more and found one that's a little more black hat for you guys.

This site is called TubeView Trader. This one is interesting in that it requires Google Chrome because the tool itself is a plugin for Google Chrome. Once installed, you can submit your videos, then select how many videos you want to watch and click start. The most you can watch in one sitting is 20, and the least is 5. You can stop the videos at any time. Once you hit start, another tab is opened in Chrome on Youtube, and after each video is played, it automatically refreshes on another video in the queue. You don't have to do anything except sit there and watch! Mmmmm, smells like automation!

Here is a video demonstration of TubeView Trader:

As I mentioned yesterday the reason you would want to artificially increase you Youtube views this way is because the more views you have, the higher ranked your video gets. The higher the rank, the better it shows up in video searches on Youtube and Google which means more exposure for you in the long run.

Know of other view for view trading sites and tools like this? Let us know in the comments.

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Oct 11, 2011

New Site To Increase Youtube Views On The Shady

A while back I wrote about a site called ViewTubeTrain that allowed you to submit your Youtube videos and had a pool of people that would go on there and watch the videos. The idea was to trade views of their videos for views of yours. Simple right? The more you watched, the more credits you earned, and the more your videos were viewed. Well I went back to check on that site the other day and it is now gone. Bummer...

Anyway, I discovered another site almost just like it called UTube Train. It has a similar function, except this site is not automated. You have to watch videos for points, and when you have watched the video, you can click to match another one. Since it's not automated, there is less of a chance to game the system to artificially boost your points. You can also use this site to get mor subscribers to your Youtube channel as well.

I am currently trying out UTube Train on one of my old videos, we'll see how it goes.

You might be wondering why you would want to boost your views like this. The reason is Youtube is a social media site. Kind of like Digg, or Reddit in a way. The more views your video gets, the higher rank it gets. Also, the more views you have, the higher it ranks in video searches on Youtube, and on Google as well.

If you are trying to get a video more views, you might want to give UTube Train a shot.

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Oct 10, 2011

The Future is Now! BAE System's Tank With Friggin' Cloaking!

How many of us grew up watching Star Trek on TV with the Klingon's and their space ships that had cloaking devices? What about the Predator movies where the alien hunter runs around killing mofo's while being completely invisible? What about James Bond in Die Another Day and his bad ass Austin Martin that could turn invisable? Think it's all science fiction? Not any more!

BAE Systems has developed a technology they call ADAPTIV which in essence gives the ability to blend in with your background almost just like something you would see in a science fiction flick.

From their page:

Unlike traditional camouflage systems which rely on paint or nets to hide vehicles, ADAPTIV can instantly blend a vehicle into its background. The system can also be used on ships and fixed installations, allowing them to stay undetected by enemy surveillance units.

With the ADAPTIV system installed, a unit has:

  • The ability to blend into natural surroundings
  • The ability to mimic natural objects and other vehicles
  • A significantly reduced detection range
  • IFF capability

Check out this video from Youtube:

Tell me that isn't the most bad ass thing you've seen this year? Let me know what you think about this technology in the comments!

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Oct 7, 2011

How To Get a High-Paying Tech Job - Infographic

Through writing for Bauer-Power over the last few years, and doing my Tech Chop podcast. Hell, even when I was a teacher at Coleman University, I got a lot of questions about how someone can break into the technology business. I mean you see it on TV with the ITT Tech commercials about how once you learn how to program computers, fix computers, or network computers that all your dreams will come true, and you will make a lot of money. Well the truth is, that you can make good money in technology!
I found this infographic while surfing around on Digg that shows you how to get a job in Tech:

Tech Job

Now the one thing I disagree on is the stuff about having your MBA. You don't need an MBA to make good money in Tech. Honestly, you don't even need a college degree. It does help though in my opinion to get your foot in the doors for interviews, but it's what you know in the interview that will get you the job. Not the degree.
Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments.
[Via Mastersdegree.net]
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Oct 6, 2011

Even Better Free Alternative To Ultramon

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about a free alternative to the multi-screen manager called Ultramon. If you haven’t read that post, I talk about a free tool called Zbar. Right after that post a co-worker of mine told me about another tool that I actually think is way better.

His tool is open source, and is designed for use with Windows 7 and Windows Vista only. His is a little more simple than Zbar though as it only provides an additional taskbar for your monitor. This task bar is better than Zbar’s though as it seamlessly blends in with whatever theme you are running in Windows. In that respect it is more like Ultramon’s task bar. The tool is called Dual Monitor Taskbar.

Here are some features:

  • Taskbar on the second monitor DualMonitor
  • Pinned programs
  • Aero support
  • Window manager
  • Mirror mode
  • Auto-Hide
  • Notification area
  • Start Button (BETA)

For me, that is the biggest thing I like about Ultramon. I just can’t stand multiple monitors without a taskbar on them. If it were up to me, this is the perfect alternative, but for some of you it’s not enough. That’s because Ultramon also manages wallpapers for dual screens. Windows 7 natively supports extra long wallpapers that spread across both monitors. All you have to do is select your double size wallpaper, and change the picture position to Tile. If you want separate pictures, Ultramon will do that for you but Dual Monitor TaskBar will not.

For you wallpaper freaks, I have something you can use too. It’s called Wallpaper Manager, which is also free. It will not only allow you to use long wallpapers, but will also allow you to use different wallpapers on each monitor. Hell, not only that, it will also cycle through multiple wallpapers automatically!

Here is a list of features:

  • Applies multiscreen wallpapers over all monitors.
  • Applies multiple single screen wallpapers (one for each monitor) and offers three different cycle modes.
  • Allows automatic cycling of wallpapers in an given interval.
  • Adds new wallpapers automatically by watching one or more folders for changes.
  • Allows to define a priority for each wallpaper for a better cycle control.
  • Offers five different placement modes to make each wallpaper fit well on the screen.
  • Provides several additional display settings like margins or simple effects like mirroring or flipping.
  • Cycles wallpapers only on specified day times if configured (like cycling one wallpaper only in the morning, one in the evening etc).
  • Can draw text overlays over applied wallpapers to show useful information (like the name of the current wallpaper, the computer name, the system's up time etc)
  • Offers special Windows 7 features like displaying the time until the next cycle in the application's overlay icon in the Task Bar.
  • Modern easy-to-use user interface.
  • Open source project without any advertisement.


True, it would be nice for these features to be an all-in-one solution like Ultramon and Zbar, but for free you really can’t beat this dynamic duo.

Oct 5, 2011

Co-worker’s First Time Using Ubuntu Linux

At my day job I inherited a collection of a bunch of old computers. A ton of them were Intel Pentium 4 machines without hyper threading. Some were custom built jobs that were in decent working order that I just didn’t want to support, and some were a few years old, still worked okay but mainly didn’t match any hardware standard we had going.

I decided to donate all of these computers, but before I called a local non-profit to haul them away in exchange for a tax deductible receipt, I made these machines available to employees. What a nice thing to do right? Before donating computers though I securely wiped the drives with DBAN. That meant that for one no company info got into the wrong hands, and two I didn’t have to support anyone’s old Windows install. Plus I didn’t have to worry about licensing issues.

For the employees that wanted a machine, but couldn’t afford to buy Windows on their own, I recommended Ubuntu Linux for them. My co-worker Layla in the video was really interested in Ubuntu, especially when I told her it was free and all the software on it is free. Before having her commit though, I had my desktop tech set her up with a laptop so she could take Ubuntu for a test drive. Check it out!

Layla Ouachrif using Ubuntu Linux for the first time

Layla was so surprised about how easy it was to navigate around. She also loved that the free software on it was compatible with the expensive software she’s been using for years like Microsoft Office. She absolutely loved it!

Have you spread the word of Ubuntu? Did the people you showed it too have a similar reaction? Tell us your story in the comments!

Oct 4, 2011

How To Hack Windows Remote Desktop

Happy October everyone! New month and that means a new episode of Tech Chop! I have a great episode for your this month, and I also have some great news as well regarding the show.

Let’s start with the good news first. I am proud to say that Tech Chop has been accepted into the Tech Podcast Network (TPN). That means wider distribution, and the ability to get sponsors. TPN goes out on my behalf and does sponsorship negotiations so I don’t have to! That means I can concentrate on just making the show better (Because God knows it needs it!)

Anyway, now to discuss the show itself. In this episode I show you how you can perform a dictionary attack on Windows computers listening on port 3389 which as we all know is remote desktop or RDP. Sounds pretty cool right? Check it out!

Links to the commands and software used, as well as how to install ncrack on Ubuntu can be found in the show notes here: (TechChop.com)

What did you think about using ncrack to hack Windows remote desktop? Like it, hate it? Know of a better tool? Let us know in the comments.

Oct 3, 2011

Free Alternative To Windows Live Movie Maker

I like Windows Live Movie Maker. Sure, it's not as good as the original Movie Maker, and has been scaled way down, but it's still good for quick and simple little videos for home or the blog. For podcasts I prefer something a little more robust like Sony Vegas Pro, but I don't always need to do so many fancy edits. The thing I love about Windows Live Movie Maker is that you can render your files in HD natively which is nice because most cheap video cameras film in at least 720P HD these days.

Other times Windows Live Movie Maker kind of sucks. For instance, the other day I loaded a 3gp video I took from my Android phone, and Live Move Maker stripped the sound off for no reason. Weird. Some times you want to have multiple audio layers, and you can't with Live Move Maker. Maybe you want to do some cool Chroma keying. Nope, not going to happen in Movie Maker.

There is a really cool alternative though, and it's free for personal use. It's called VideoPad Video Editor! VideoPad is really great, and probably the best free video editor I've seen for Windows in a very long time. It supports all sorts of video formats like MP4, AVI, MPEG, OGM etc., but also renders videos in multiple formats as well! Plus, it has full 1080P HD support!

Here is a quick video tutorial on how to do some basic video editing in VideoPad that I found on Youtube:




Here is a screenshot I took of my first go with VideoPad as well.

Pretty cool huh? Know of other free video editors for Windows that put Live Movie Maker to shame? What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments.

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