Dec 12, 2007

Let's Talk About Free Image Hosting

I have been using File Den for months with no problems for a lot of my image hosting needs. Sure, I upload directly to blogger a lot too, but for some things, it is best to host images on a different server and hot link them. One reason for this is transparency. Like my Bauer-Power Gear girl to the right for instance. I made the background transparent, so no matter where I put her the background shows through. For some reason, uploading to blogger jacks that up.

Well last night I started to notice all of my pictures were missing. Instead of my images, I started seeing the annoying picture saying:

"Bandwidth Exceeded. Sorry, this user has ran out of bandwidth. Please try again later."

When I go to their site it says that I have exceeded my puny 5GB bandwidth limit, and my pictures will be available again in 8 days! That is of course unless I upgrade. Screw that!

You mean to tell me that for the last 8 months while using this service, and being forced to wade through all the ridiculous pop-ups, and full page ads, you now want me to pay extra for mediocre service? Service I can get else ware for free? Forget you guys!

I decided last night to sign up for a free account over at Photo Bucket. With their free account I get 25GB of bandwidth per month. Even at their best plan, File Den will not offer that kind of bandwidth. In fact, their top of the line account only offers a measly 15GB a month. Pathetic!

So the moral of the story is File Den sucks! If you need free image or video hosting, go to Photo Bucket, or do some Googling to find the right service for you. Whatever you do though, stay far away from File Den.

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