Dec 31, 2007

60 Minutes Shows Some Geek Love

I was watching TV last night when 60 minutes came on. I usually don't watch 60 minutes too often but something caught my eye. They did a segment on geeks and the importance of us geeks to get the average person through their tech filled day.

The premise is simple. Technology is almost unavoidable now-a-days. Everywhere you turn there is something with a computer chip in it from your laptop to your iPod, from your car to your toaster. The funny thing is that with all of this technology, not everyone is interested in figuring out how it all works. That is where your friendly neighborhood geek comes in.

The video starts off following around the founder of the Geek Squad, and they go on to take you through call centers and other places geeks can be found. They really give you a good visual of what us geeks encounter on a daily basis, and the frustrations of users who just can't figure out the manual.

Here is the segment from CBS's 60 Minutes (Don't you love Tivo?):

This video really stuck a cord with me because every frustrated person, or non tech savvy person they mentioned reminded me of almost every user at my company. Especially in our smaller offices across the country. Many of those people have never used a computer in their lives. Good thing there are sites like Bauer-Power, or my buddy Karl's site Ask The Admin to get people through it.

Did you identify with this story in a certain way? Maybe you work at a tech support call center, or you are a home computer repair tech. Maybe you setup audio visual equipment for a living. Let me know in the comments.

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