Nov 11, 2007

Who says you can't afford a new PC?

Believe it or not, Wal-Mart, the large American discount chain is now offering a brand new PC for the whopping low price of $199! That is probably less than some of you spend on groceries per month!

What's the catch? This puppy comes running with Linux pre-installed. What flavor of Linux? gOS, which is an Ubuntu based distro that is "Google" oriented. Some say that gOS stands for "Google's Operating System", but that is only a rumor.

Here are the key features from the Wal-Mart website:

  • 1.5 GHz Via Technologies C7-D processor Delivers energy-saving performance

  • Preinstalled Software: 2.2 (includes WRITER, IMPRESS, nMATH, DRAW, CALC and BASE) This is the latest version of the leading open-source office suite, which includes upgrades to its word processor, spreadsheet, presentations and database software

  • gOS Software Applications and operating system Enables you to use the supplied 2.2 software suite

  • DVD-ROM/CD-RW drive Lets you play DVDs and burn your own CDs for entertainment and data backup

  • 512 MB of DDR2 system memory Offers good performance and is expandable to 2 GB

  • 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Connects to a local area network or broadband Internet devices

  • 80 GB hard disk drive Provides space for documents, games, photos and music

The name of this bargain basement goody is called the Everex TC2502 Green gPC, and is available online and in select Wal-mart stores across the country.

Now you can finally tell your friends and family members to get out of the stone age, and upgrade their PC without breaking the bank!

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