Nov 24, 2007

Where's The Best Place for Adsense?

As you probably have noticed I have been placing Google Adsense up on Bauer-Power to sort of monetize my blogging hobby a bit. I apologist if it turns some of you off a little, and I'm sorry if some of you think I'm a sell-out, but lets face it, money makes the world go round, and I have some free space I can sell for some spare change.

Anyway, I have experimented with Adsense and other advertising companies a little in the past and didn't really have too much success with them. This time around I decided I should do some research on some strategies and perhaps I would do a little better.

One of the things I happened upon was the Google "Adsense heat" chart which shows where the best places on a website do the best statistically. To the right is a copy of the heat chart. As you no doubt have guessed, the darker area's are where the ads do the best.

Since making some slight modifications around here (I.E. Parsing the HTML code for XML to place into the site code) I have managed to place some of my ads in better locations.

The place I learned to do this from was My Digital Life, in their post about adding advertising code directly into the blogger template.

Since making these changes I can tell you that there has been a dramatic increase in Adsense numbers. These techniques really do work, and I recommend doing it right away.

For those of you who don't like it so much, once again I am sorry, but I guess you should have purchased some Bauer-Power Gear. If you had, I wouldn't need Google to supplement my expenses ;-)

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