Nov 20, 2007

Nexenta Offers NAS...errr...NSA

I wrote about an Ubuntu based Solaris disribution a few months back called NexentaOS. Well, I was just let in on a little secret via e-mail from the Nexenta team. They have just released a new ZFS based NAS operating system based on their Ubuntu/Solaris hybrid. They are calling it the Nexenta Storage Appliance, or NexentaStor.

Here is the basic overview from

Nexenta Storage Appliance (NexentaStor) is a software based NAS that meets the current feature sets of the best of breed NAS, including unlimited snapshots, snapshot mirroring (replication), NFS v3/v4, CIFS, FTP, RSYNC/Amanda, SSH and easy management of extremely large storage pools. NexentaStor delivers richly featured software in the form of a software appliance that is trivial to install and easy to manage.

The product is designed and built to operate as 2nd tier storage alongside pre-existing commercial storage, providing online continuation of data for months and years, with tapes relegated to archival purposes only. The appliance is targeted for 2nd-tier NAS and iSCSI applications requiring extremely low cost storage as well as dramatically simplified provisioning, expansion, backup, replication and archiving. NexentaStor can also be used as a primary NAS in businesses that wish to expand at closer to commodity pricing.

  • Cost: Save 80% or more over proprietary products! Leverage industry standard x86/64 servers and off-the-shelf commodity hardware.

  • Freedom: Simplify storage deployment by running NexentaStor on x86/64 hardware, server blades, or common virtualization platforms.

  • Control: Open source base, open standards, and community participation allow for faster feature integration, better quality assurance, and the freedom to build your own custom solutions.

  • You can read more about NexentaStor in their white paper here: (NexentaStor White Paper)

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