Nov 29, 2007

I am the Robot

If I want to terrorize my two year old, I walk around the house in my best Robo Cop walk saying in a robot voice, "I am the robot daddy."

She of course runs away saying, "don't say that daddy!" It's fun to mess with her a little, you know, to give her a sense of humor (I of course say that now, but I won't when she bills me for her therapy sessions when she's older).

So I am stumbling around the internet today and I find a website that will let you type in a phrase, and a computer voice will read it. The site will then let you download the robot recording of whatever you typed in in MP3 format. Here's mine for example: (Robot Recording)

The site that does this is called VozMe. They say on their site that you can use this to put a voice on your website. Honestly, I really don't see a need for this, but it is something to do when you are bored for a few minutes.

The site offers recordings in English, Spanish and Italian. They also offer their service as a gadget for iGoogle. Check them out when you have a minute or two to kill.

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