Nov 13, 2007

The IT Room

If you have been living under a rock lately, you probably haven't heard about the new IT oriented web-based place for nerds. This new place is called The IT Room, and it just launched on November 11th.

Having watched their trailers, as well as the first "Webisode" (below) I have to say I love it! It is sort of a "Office Space" and "The Office" meet tech support sort of thing. Not to mention, they have a monkey and who doesn't love monkeys?

They also give you, the poor lonely system administrator who is just fed up with it all, the opportunity to submit your own horror stories, and video clips of IT Hell.

From their website:

The IT Room represents a world that increasingly touches all of us. Every day we praise, curse, and beg technology to get us through the day. Not enough bandwidth, we need the latest upgrade, our servers caught a virus, we can’t afford the latest upgrade, our email is down, etc. You know what it’s like. IT is no longer someone else’s problem. IT is no longer that curiously dull hobbycraft of the socially challenged. IT is the spinal cord of the global economy. IT is the central nervous system that initiates and traffics our every word and thought. When we share, rant, persuade, revolt, connect, we do it through IT. And its framers, its architects, deserve a voice. We want this site to be a place where IT professionals can talk, argue, or just hang out. We want The IT to be your place. So make yourselves at home, then make yourselves heard, and make it big.

If that doesn't do it for you, take a look at their first "Webisode"

The only draw back I found was that their video embed code didn't seem to want to work in blogger, so I had to download the video from their website, and re-upload it. That is only a minor inconvenience though, and it may also only be affecting my computer, or my browser (Firefox). DAMN TECHNOLOGY!

All in all, this looks like a fun site definitely worth visiting and spending a few minutes each week. You can check them out by visiting a

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