Nov 25, 2007

Picking Older Master Combo Locks

A few weeks back I posted a video I found on Youtube on how to make a padlock shim from an aluminum can to open padlocks.

Well I was looking around my bookshelf at home and came across something I downloaded a few years ago and decided to take it out to thumb through. It is the Anarchy Cookbook 2000 by The Jolly Roger. There is some really nasty looking stuff in this book, and most of it WILL get you into some serious trouble with the law, so be careful what you decide to test out in it.

Anyway, one of the things in there is how to find the combination for Master Padlocks.

According to the ACB2K, Master has since fixed this security flaw, so this most likely will only work on padlocks made by cheaper companies, or Master locks older than 2000. The good news is that lots of people don't know about this, so they probably haven't replaced their padlocks with new ones (i.e. high schools, or junior high schools).

Anyway, the idea behind this is that Master originally designed the locks to stop turning if you pulled on the clasp. This is the key to finding the combo.

To find the first number, pull on the clasp while turning the dial counter clockwise. When it stops and will not run any more, you add five to that number and that gives you your first number.

To find the second number, spin the dial around a few times then go to the first number you got. Now spin the dial clockwise, and bypass the first number once. As soon as you bypass the first number start pulling on the clasp and keep spinning slowly. The ACB2K then says, "The knob will eventually fall into the groove on the lock. While in the groove, pull the clasp and turn the knob. If the knob is loose, go to the next groove, if the knob is stiff, you have the second number of the combination."

Finally, to find the last number of the combination, spin the dial several times to clear it out. Once cleared, spin the dial and enter the first two numbers.Now slowly spin the dial to the right and pull up on the clasp at each number. The lock will eventually open if everything was done correctly.

I haven't tested this one out personally, but if anyone has I would love to know about it in the comments. I would also love to hear if anyone has tested out anything else in the book. (Yes, you can post anonymously)

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