Nov 19, 2007

What's Going On With Feedburner Lately?

Today I keep checking my page stats on Feedburner and I can't seem to break 200 visits. So I start thinking, what could I have possibly done to turn off all of my loyal readers. Then I decide to hit up my backup stats checker AddFreeStats, and I am showing almost 500 page views today. What is up Feedburner?

It is almost like deja vu. Just a week or so ago, there were a number of complaints in the blogging community about a problem where everyone's RSS feed numbers being dropped almost in half!

Just take a look at this article from Deep Jive Interests:

Well, for reasons that have yet to be explained, my Feedburner subscribers were just halved. I actually noticed it first on Mike Arrington’s Techcrunch, as his numbers are “way down” too — from 600k to about 300k; however, it seems like its everwhere else as well. Mat Ingram’s blog: 1600 to 1100, and Stan Shroeder’s FranticIndustries down to 1200 from 2000. (I’d quote others, but those are the only ones whose pre-drop numbers I recall).

My RSS numbers don't appear to be affected this time (Thanks God), but this little trend of miscalculations needs to end.

Is anyone else noticing this today too? Hit me up in the comments.

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