Nov 29, 2007

The EFF Is Fighting for Your Downloads!

I recently read an associated press article that said that one of my favorite watch dog groups was once again fighting for our rights as free internet surfers! That group is the EFF (Electronic Frontier Foundation).

The EFF has written a pretty descriptive "How-To" article on using the freely available network packet sniffer Wireshark to test if your ISP is using packet injection techniques to disrupt your internet operations.

From the EFF website:

In May 2007, Comcast began engaging in protocol-specific interference with the activities of its subscribers. When confronted by users and by EFF, Comcast responded with denials and answers that told less than the whole story. In October 2007, however, after independent testing by the Associated Press and EFF, it became clear that Comcast is, in fact, interfering with BitTorrent, Gnutella, and potentially other common file sharing protocols employed by millions of Internet users. In specific, it appears that Comcast is injecting forged RST packets into TCP communications, in an effort to disrupt certain protocols commonly used for file-sharing. The interference efforts appear to be triggered by the protocol that a subscriber uses, not by the number of connections made or amount of bandwidth used by the subscriber.

To view the EFF's guide to using Wireshark so you can fight back click here: (EFF Wireshark Guide)

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