Nov 1, 2007

MAC Trojan in The Wild

I want you to get comfortable, so grab some popcorn and a soda and take a seat. Are you comfy and cozy yet? Great! Now watch this MAC commercial:

So MAC's don't get infected by Trojans and viruses right? WRONG! Take a look at this little bit of what I like to call FACE IN YOUR FACE TO APPLE from my boy Karl at Ask The Admin.

We have done stories on Apple viruses in the past. Now there is a new Mac Trojan that is especially nasty. Take a look at our technical diagram on your left.

It goes like this - If you are a Mac user and a online content porn connoisseur then you might already be infected. This Trojan masquerades as a codec to aid in your free porn viewing pleasures. Spam has been flooding the Mac forums, that I have just started to check out. I thought nothing of it until I read about this Trojan horse. Then I did a little investigating and it turns out the virus writer has put a social spin on it - offer free porn then prompt the user to allow a download and install it as root.

Now your DNS has been altered to intercept and hijack web requests to PayPal, eBay and several unspecified banking sites.

So let me get this straight you get no porn and these guys are trying to steal your dough! Not cool man. Very not cool.

The dirty program is called OSX.RSPlug. You can read the full story on this threat over at Intego [Via Mashable]


Originally Posted on Ask The Admin By Karl Gechlik

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