Nov 25, 2007

Something Cool About Gmail

I was stumbling around online when I came across an article on that pointed out a pretty cool feature I never realized about gmail, the Google email service.

You can take almost any variation of your email address and alter it slightly and it will still magically get to you!

For example, lets say your email address is If you change it in any number of ways using periods such as, or, or, you will still get your email.

Another way you can modify it is by adding whatever you want after a + sign. For example,, and it will still work!

You might not need to do this, and you may even mark this down as useless knowledge item number 84, but it is still pretty interesting. Make Use Of suggests using it to track spam, or make changes depending on purpose suck as work, school, etc.

Do you know of any other secret gmail tips, or features? Let us know in the comments!

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