Nov 29, 2007

How to Fix The Free/Busy Fiasco in Outlook

I had a user today who said she could open a shared calendar in Outlook, but when she did she would get the following error:

"Can't open this item. Unable to open the free/busy information."

If you are seeing this, then you have two options that I have found:

Option One:

  • Have the user whose calendar you wish to open close out of Outlook.
  • Click on Start > Run and type in the following:
    outlook.exe /cleanfreebusy

If that doesn't fix the problem, then you have to move on to Option Two, which is:

  • On the user's computer whose calendar you wish to view, download MfcMapi.exe from
  • Run MfcMapi.exe, then click on Session > Logon and Display Store Table
  • Select the profile of the person whose calendar you wish to view
  • Double click on the line that says "Mailbox-"
  • Expand Root Container
  • Expand Top of Information Store
  • Click on Inbox
  • Now in the right windows look for PR_FREEBUSY_ENTRYIDS, right click on it and select Delete Property.
  • Close out of MfcMapi.exe
  • Now repeat option One from above.

The corrupt free/busy issue should now be resolved.

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