Nov 15, 2007

Your Own Personal Interpreter... or Rather, "Enterpreter"

A friend of mine, who wishes to remain nameless, just finished working on a very cool, and exciting new cell phone program, and sort of gave me the inside scoop as it were on what we will soon start seeing everywhere.

This little wonder is a new translation application that translates English to Spanish and back again, but this is no ordinary translation dictionary. The “Enterpreter” will produce accurate translation in seconds WITH AUDIO PLAYBACK! This is so close to a Star Trek experience, I can’t help but think that this will soon be the ultimate universal translator with speech to speech translation!

As a former Navy man, something like this would have been essential! I can't tell you how many times I spent in a foreign country trying to point at pictures, and doing some obscene form of sign language to get around. Do you realize how much easier it would have been to just say "Where's the closest bar?" into my cell phone have have my cellphone translate it for me on the fly?

The "Enterpreter" speaks over 600,000 words along with 200,000 useful phrases and fully conjugates over 20,000 verbs in English & Spanish.

What's more, it features "Word of the day" along with instant text translation with unique functions like a built in Thesaurus, audio playback and the ability to "save" your translations for future reference.

Enterpret's Mobile Translator is much more than just a two-way translator of general terms. This is the most comprehensive bilingual dictionary and thesaurus with over 600,000 translations and 500,000 synonyms, all packed into a user- friendly mobile format.

My friend also said that the Spanish to English and vice versa translation is only the tip of the ice berg. Next year they will be rolling out a European pack with German, French, Italian and more to follow.

Its unique interactive design and ease of use, together with the comprehensive amount of words it contains, make it a relational database with an innovative search and sort capability.

Enterpret Mobile Translator features user selected language modes for increased translation accuracy. You define the translation parameters by selecting simple language communication modes.

Product Features:

  • Translate entire phrases or sentences.

  • Dictionary functionality that provides related words and phrases.

  • Thesaurus, find a similar word and then translate that word.

  • Verb conjugation, conjugates all 17 verb tenses.

  • Saved translation feature allows you to store frequently used translations, and view at a later time.

  • Audio playback for correct pronunciation of the translation, with instant replay and volume controls.

  • Enterpreter Mobile Translator utilizes:

  • Ten thousand syntax rules.

  • Over one million significant markings embedded in the database.

  • State-of-the art artificial intelligence to produce context-sensitive, not literal, translations.

  • This whole thing is a subscription based package deal for just under $50 per year. You can download a free demo of the program here: (Enterpreter Demo) You can also check out some screenshots here: (Enterpreter Screenshots)

    So travel without fear of the unknown! The "Enterpreter" is the perfect wireless translation companion for any tourist, business traveler or student learning a new language.

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