Nov 21, 2007

Apology to Ironkey

A few weeks back I posted an article about Ironkey saying that there was no real need to purchase one because you could do the same thing for under $40.

Encryption: Yes. You can encrypt your $35.00 4GB USB thumb drive for free using Truecrypt.

Durability and Quality: No. The fact is that Ironkey is a more durable piece of hardware, and will last longer than a standard flash drive (unless someone tries to brute force your password, in that case, it will self destruct).

Truth is, you just get more with the Ironkey which is why there is the added cost. Stuff like hardware encrypted password storage, and anonymous surfing software just to mention a few. It is more of an investment thing.

I think I really put off a lot of my readers by trying to hold my ground that security wise it is the same, and for that I am sorry. Though I don't always like it, I can admit when I am wrong.

I still feel that the average person can benefit from Truecrypt on a regular thumb drive, but if high security is a factor, then Ironkey is money well spent.

My offer is still on the table to Ironkey though, which is if they send me one I will do an honest objective review of their product.

Do any of you have an Ironkey? How are you liking it?

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