Nov 10, 2007

Military Personnel Get Free Remote 'IT' Services

In the quiet of a mid-summer's night somewhere in the deserts of Arizona a huge military airlift command aircraft lifts off hardly noticed by the coyotes and rattle snakes. Although the rest of the world pay little or no attention, across North America the hearts of mothers, fathers and lovers break.

On board are a handful of America's finest young men...military personnel highly trained in their respective fields and protected by twelve heavily armed uniformed military policemen. Their hearts are also heavy. As they look around they cannot help but wonder who will not be coming back.

Each man is manacled to a briefcase. What is inside? What do these kids know? Where are they going? What are they doing? Who are they? Officially, they do not exist. That is what the heavy security is all about. Soon enough they will lose the visible security and be on their own.

Some things are noticeably absent. There are no cell phones, no hand helds, no notebooks (at least the electronic kind), no satellite positioning devices. The year is 1967. America is in internal turmoil, but as she has always done she exports her best and brightest to help another.

A half a world away they find it all but impossible to communicate with those they love. When there is a short wave station available, it is only able to maintain contact with the continental United States a few hours at a time and only a couple of nights a week. When one is lucky enough to be there and contact can be made he has five minutes to communicate over an open system that is difficult to hear after waiting what seemed an eternity for his turn while hoping the system would not go down before he heard a voice from the other side of the world. Maybe he got a couple of these calls a year.

Spring forward forty years and while America still has her own problems, once again she has tasked her youth to help another. But something has changed.

There are new business models with new words such as outsourced. Two score years ago the closest thing to outsourcing was hiring your neighbors to do the work on your farm. In 2007 it seems everything is either outsourced or temporary.

Technology has grown so fast that in 2007 everyone has a personal computer, laptop, blackberry, satellite positioning device, and website. They can't repair the computer or build and maintain the website. Hell, they can barely operate the contraptions (not exactly like the new fangled television or the rotary dial telephone on a party line in 1967), and whether in the shop or in home computer maintenance and repair is expensive.

Enter a group of Viet Nam Veterans who have kept up with the latest technology. Knowing what it was like to be separated from those one loves without the ability to communicate, they have decided to do what they can to keep military personnel and their families talking. Remote Helpdesk 1 ( is providing free remote computer repair over the internet to enlisted and junior officers on active military duty and their families back home with priority to those serving in harms way.

Jerry Leonard of Remote Help Desk 1 said they got the idea while performing gratis services for the local police department. He said, "America's young men and women have always acquitted themselves well in the defense of our country and our way of life. I was there and I know what it is like. This is the least we can do for them. If it helps someone's spouse, children, or parents sleep a little better after hearing from their loved one tonight, it will be worth it. We may be located in Tennessee but our reach is world wide."


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