Feb 9, 2009

Digsby Goes Down

Sweet bastard! Why, oh why did Digsby have to go down today? For those of you not familiar with Digsby, read my post I wrote a few weeks ago about my new favorite IM client that not only handles all IM networks, but also handles Facebook, Twitter, Myspace etc.

Well, after being rudely awoken by the east coast at 5:30am because they couldn't access Sharepoint (Seriously! You couldn't work on something else for 30 minutes until the morning Help Desk guy came in?), I took a gander at Twitter and saw a tweet from the folks over at Digsby that they were having server issues. I didn't hink much of it because I wasn't going to be signing on until I got to work anyway.

I got in this morning, and they were still down. No big deal right? I'll just wait a little while and try again later. Three hours later, they are still down! I decided to check out their blog to see if there are any updates. Here is the most detailed blog post I have ever seen:

Really? We'll be back shortly is all you can come up with? Come on guys! I know when a server is down, the last thing you are thinking of is updating your site, but still. Your users want to be kept in the loop!

Anyone else having problems with Digsby? Anyone from Digsby want to shed some light on this morning's outage? Lets hear some comments!

[EDIT] - Just checked the blog again, and they now have this update:

We are having server-side issues that brought down the service. We are working on the problem now and will be back up shortly. If you want to be notified when we come back online, send an email to bugs@digsby.com.

After a year of almost perfect uptime, this is the second outage in the last week. This is completely unacceptable and we will make sure this does not become a regular occurance!

[EDIT 12:45 Pacific]- I got this update about Digsby via Twitter:

[Edit 2:52 Pacific] - Still down... WTF?!

[Edit 3:23 Pacific] - I wonder how many users will go back to Pidgin, Trillian, or some other IM client?

[Edit 3:40 Pacific] - And Digsby is back! Just two hours shy of a 12 hour outage! (At least that is when I first saw their post on Twitter!)

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