Feb 6, 2009

Bauer-Power Gear! Now With More Pimpness!

As you all know I have been selling Bauer-Power schwag through CustomDropshipper.com for quite a while now. My only complaint about them is that their store's are really, really awful looking, and less than professional.

There is some good news and bad news about them. The good news is that their store is completely customizable. The bad news is that their website is less than intuitive when it comes to customizing the template.

That is no trouble when your good friend is a professional web developer. You all know Sundance right? Well, for his day job Sundance works as a web developer for the same company I work for. I asked him to take a look into the shit storm that is Customdropshipper's template control interface.

Within an hour of poking around, he completely pimped out Bauer-Power Gear! Now the site looks professional, as well as matches the blog almost completely! Check it out!

Bauer-Power Gear

Now I don't feel like a complete tool for referring you guys to the store! Please go check it! On top of the new t-shirts, I have added some cool coffee mugs, and other fun geeky stuff. Not to mention I am adding new stuff all the time! Help support the cause!

Visit http://gear.Bauer-Power.net now!

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