Feb 11, 2009

Cool Digg Feature For Wannabe Power Diggers

On Saturday I noticed a pretty cool little feature when I was getting ready to send a shout burst out to my network of power diggers. This little feature is pretty awesome if you don't want to be "that guy" that over shouts on Digg. You know, the annoying guy.

This new feature (At least, it is the first time I noticed it) allows you to only shout to those of your friends have still not dugg your article. This way if your good Digg friends have already dugg your story, you can keep drilling down on your list until they have all participated. Check out this screen shot I took:

As you can see, from the drop down menu, you can select the option to shout only to those "not dugg". Pretty convenient if you ask me :-)

If after a few passes, you start noticing a trend of deadbeats, you can go ahead and use this tool I mentioned last week to help you clean up your friends! Happy power digging!

[Edit] - I am such an idiot sometimes! Someone pointed out that this is a script. Me being the upstanding Digg user I am, and not wanting to violate TOS, I have figured out what caused this, and disabled it. Just in time too, because the guy who developed the tool I was using recently got banned for creating it. Check it out: (CheckFriends)

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