Feb 4, 2009

Cleaning Up Your Digg Friends

I have been really, really, really active on Digg lately. I haven't been submitting posts from Bauer-Power, but I have been submitting stuff. Various things that I think are cool from around the web. Trying to get stuff to the front page. You know, that old chestnut.

I have been fairly successful. Sundance and I have created a small Digg army, and are trying to follow the advice of this once powerful powerdigger: (How I became a Digg Power User...)

digg logoSo far I have a 2% popularity ratio (Kind of pathetic, but better than most) and Sundance has an amazing 25% popularity ratio which is outstanding!

Anyway, one of the things we have both been trying to do is to keep our Digg friends list clean. By clean I mean remove the people who aren't helping you. Trimming the fat if you will. The people that shout your ear off, and don't Digg anything in return.

A friend on Digg actually told me about this site to help you find who in your friends are Digging your stuff so you can remove the deadbeats that aren't. It's is called DiggStatistics.com. Now, I should warn you that it was flagged as being potentially harmful:

When I went to the site, I didn't find any problems with it, and it did not appear to have downloaded anything. I think it is fairly safe, but please proceed with caution.

Anyway, that site is awesome! It showed me that of my 500 friends, only 250 or so of them were actually digging my stuff! Of those friends it broke down who was digging my stuff the most!

Pretty cool site if you are looking to make quality friends on Digg. Friends that can help you get your stuff to the front page, and who you can help get their stuff to the front page!

Know of any other cool Digg tools? I want to hear about them in the comments!

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