Feb 12, 2009

In Your Face Sundance! 10 Reasons Scribefire is Better Than WLW

I see how it is Sundance! You want to throw a big, "In your face" at me, but to that I say... "NO! In YOUR face!" I said before that I actually liked Live Writer, but because of your little outburst, I will now have to just say flat out that Live Writer sucks! (Actually, that isn't true... I am just acting out)

I decided to compile a list of the ten reasons why Scribefire is far superior to your pathetic Live Writer. It wasn't hard actually. Mainly because Microsoft Sucks, and it is easy to dig up dirt about just about all of their software! LOL! [Evil Dr. Doom laugh]

So here we go, the top ten reasons Scribefire is better than Windows Live Writer:

  1. It's not Microsoft - Everyone knows how crappy M$ stuff is. Just look at Vista and Windows ME!
  2. Firefox is already open - I usually have Firefox open anyway. So when I get the urge to blog about something, a quick F8 press and I am off blogging. WLW you have to open separatlely.
  3. Firefox is already installed - It is much easier, and faster to install a new FF plugin, than to install an entire separate piece of software like you do with Windows Live Writer.
  4. Technorati Tags - SF will inster Technorati tags without the need for additional plugins.
  5. Post to Delicious- SF will post to Delicious when you publish your blog post without additional plugins.
  6. Scribefire can be used in Windows, Linux, and Mac - Were are my Linux users at? I suppose you could install WLW using WINE. Enhoy your Windows 98 style graphics!
  7. Less Overhead - Additional programs running means an additional load on the computer. Scribefire doesn't put any additional load on your PC when running.
  8. Blog Directly From The Web - Did you find a funny lolcatz picture on the web? Press F8, and blog directly from that page in split screen!
  9. No additional crap - Windows Live Writer comes with every other friggin' Windows Live Product they offer. You have to manually un-check all of the extra crap you don't want. SF installs as-is, with no additional junk!
  10. Monetize with QuickAds - Finally, the best reason to use Scribefire over WLW is the integration of Scribefire QuickAds!

I suppose what it all comes down to in the end is preference. Do you like to have a whole boat load of additional software installed when it is completely unneccesary? Do you like supporting an evil multimillion dollar conglomorate? If all your friends jumped off a building would you do it too? If you answered yes to any of the above, then Windows Live Writer is definitely right for you!

If you prefer ease of use, less bloatware, better performance, and the ability to use something on multiple platforms, then you should probably give Scribefire another look.

Oh, one more thing... Did I you can install Portable Firefox to a USB stick with the Scribefire plugin and take it with you with all of your settings, and browser bookmarks? I didn't huh? Maybe that is for a different post.

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