Feb 2, 2009

Bauer-Power is NOT Dangerous!

This one kind of gave me a laugh. I may have taken it more seriously if I felt it would cost me some traffic, but I am not too worried about it. Mainly because I just about get zero traffic from this particular search engine anyway.

I am talking about Yahoo! I had an old Navy buddy shoot me an email. He told me that he did a search for Bauer-Power on Yahoo. Of course, Bauer-Power showed up as one of the top on the list. That was expected. What wasn't expected was the fact that Yahoo thinks Bauer-Power contains dangerous downloads!

Check out this screen shot!

I think I would be worried about it if I got a significant amount of traffic from Yahoo, but I don't! No, me, like most tech savvy folks do our searches on Google. True, Google had a similar issue Saturday, but they got that resolved. This one, doesn't seem to be going away any time soon.

I don't know, maybe I should look at it like a badge of honor! What do you think? How would you feel if a major search engine told people you were dangerous? Let me know in the comments.

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