Feb 26, 2009

The Awesomeness of Mixx and the Nacho Mixx Badge

Well due to some Epic Douche Bags over at Digg and other circumstance that we can not control I have decided never to post on Digg again except maybe another Bauer Power Video or so in the future. But to now focus on Mixx.

Both sites have a lot of cool features but a few of the best things I like about Mixx is that they understand the use for scripts and they filter out adult and offensive material including comments, but don't just delete it for those that do want to use it.

They also seem to be pretty free about wanting people to use their api and not giving them crap for it. One example of this is the Nacho Mixx Badge. What they did was pull the most popular images from the Mixx API and put them into a sweet little slideshow and give you the embed code to put on your site. And because it's just the popupalr ones you know you won't get some crappy pic that comes up and it adds a nice little touch to your site or blog.

Here is an example:

Get this Badge for your blog

Want to trade some cool stories with me and Paul? Add us as friends on Mixx!
Paul's Mixx
Sundance's Mixx

By Sundance of MakeMeASammich.com

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