Feb 18, 2009

Convert Documents To Speech Online For Free

I happened upon a really cool website the other day and thought I would share it with you guys. It is a really handy tool if you work with someone who is visually impaired, or just can't read too well.

It is an online tool that will simply convert text to speech! This tool is available at iSpeech.org. I don't have much of a need for this personally, except it is kind of fun to type up a little note, then stick it in an email so my wife can play it for my four year old daughter. She gets a kick out of the funny robot voice.

From their site:

iSpeech will quickly convert your text into natural sounding spoken audio. After you convert your text to speech, listen to it with our flash widget, embed it on your website, share it with friends, or download it and put it on your iPod. Your text to speech conversion can be used as a tool to catch up on usefull information, get ahead at work or sit back and relax while you listen to your favorite author. iSpeech text to speech conversion is the fastest and highest quality on the Web.

Here is a quick text-to-speech I made online by pasting some text into their form:

Alternatively, you can also convert supported documents like MS Word, Adobe PDF, Excel, Text, RTF etc. Another really cool feature they offer is the ability to embed a text-to-speech plugin into your Blogger, Wordpress, Windows Live, blogengine, terapad etc blog! Now you can cater to an entirely new audience!

Do you know of some other cool text-to-speech tools online? Perhaps a free text-to-speech download? Let me know about it in the comments!

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