Jul 29, 2008

VMWare Server ESX Free!

Actually, VMWare ESXi server to be exact! I am serious as a heart attack people! I just happened upon it today. I have downloaded the ISO, and I am burning it as I frantically type out this quick blog announcement.

This may just be the solution your shop has been looking for, especially if you have been stuck using their free VMWare server for the last few years. Now they are making their enterprise OS absolutely free!

From their website:

Run all your production applications at near-native performance on VMware’s next-generation OS-independent hypervisor, now available for free. VMware ESXi has the same functionality and performance as VMware ESX but with a 32 MB disk footprint. With the ability to seamlessly upgrade to VMware Infrastructure 3, customers can add the benefits of server consolidation, automatic load balancing and business continuity to VMware ESXi.

Have any of you out there tried it yet? Hit me up in the comments!

[EDIT] Here is a link to the full press release: (VMWare ESXi Press Release)

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