Jul 5, 2008

Cutting over to new layout Sunday night

Converting settings over to the new layout was a lot easier than it was moving to the current one. I guess it is because this layout was created by the same developer.

So, I have decided to go ahead and make the change over to the new template Sunday night. If you want to get a taste of what Bauer-Power will look like after the change, please visit my "dev" site http://bauer-powerdev.blogspot.com/

I have already made the changes to make it look the way it will look here, so what you see there (minus the hot girl kissing video) will be what you see over here after Sunday.

I still want to know what you guys think, so please leave some comments for me here so I can take your opinions into consideration. If you don't like it after Sunday, and you didn't complain, I would rather not here about it because I already told you to voice your opinions here.

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