Jul 14, 2008

Bouncing Breasts = Renewable Energy!

I found this one on Digg, and I just had to blog about it. I mean, I am a big proponent of renewable energy...and breasts! I figured this article was a win-win on both accounts!

This Digg submission actually came via The Independant, a British newspaper. According to the article, Adrienne So came up with the idea of a "Boobie powered" electric generator bra. She wanted to harness the power of the bouncing motion of the breasts as she was jogging to power devices like the iPod.

From the article:

bra powered, bionic braThe idea of an energy-generating bra isn't as crazy as it might sound. The underwear company Triumph International Japan recently unveiled a solar-powered bra that supposedly will generate enough energy to power an iPod. But I live in foggy San Francisco and prefer not to walk around in my underwear in public. Could someone design an iPod-powering bra for me? What do you think out there guys?

Does this sound like the ultimate Christmas gift for your lady or what?

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