Jul 7, 2008

Excel loads a blank excel file when attempting to load an existing file

Does it ever happen to you when you add a new add-in or installed some new software and Excel loads a blank spreadsheet when attempting to load an existing file. For instance, you have a known good excel file, but when you double click it it doesn't open, and all you get is Excel?

In order to open the Excel file, you have to then click on file > open and browse to your file? Well I found a fix for that. That fix is:

• Open "My Computer"
• Click on Tools
• Click on Folder Options
• Click the Tab "File Types"
• Scroll down till you find the Extension XLS
• Click the Advanced button at the bottom
• Highlight the Open and Click Edit
• Click Browse and find your Excel.exe which will be under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office in either Office10, Office11 or Office12
• Then after selecting your Excel.exe at the end of the "Application used to perform action:" line put /e "%1"
• After that un-check the Use DDE box and hit ok all the way out.

Now your Excel documents will load up fine now and maybe even load up faster! Ever had this problem? Know of a different fix? Let us know in the comments.

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