Jul 29, 2008

File not found essexcln.xll Runtime Error 48

I work the early shift starting at 5:00am, so I spend most of my morning dealing with our needy users in the Tampa office. I got in this morning to be greeted with an issue with one of our financial system tools. This particular tool takes data from Hyperion's Essbase, and allows users to create really cool, and pretty Excel spread sheets. The only problem is that Hyperion's software rather sucks, and usually causes more problems than it helps (IMO). This particular user was complaining that when they tried to open a spreadsheet they would get a Runtime error 48. It took me a little while to figure it out, but I got it!

If you have been running into an issue where the Excel Add-in for Hyperion Essbase is installed, you launch it as the user and get a Runtime error 48, File not found essexcln.xll. This is almost always a permissions issue. Below are steps to fix it.

  1. Log in as administrator
  2. Navigate to your Hyperion install. Usually this is C:\Hyperion\AnalyticServices.
  3. Give Domain Users, Read/Write permissions to the local folder.
  4. Navigate to C:\windows\system32.
  5. Find all DLL files that start with mfc and msv and give Domain Users Read/Write permissions.
  6. Have the user log in and test it and it should work.

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[EDIT By El Di Pablo]- Do you use Hyperion? Do you have as much problems with it as we do? It seems every other day, we have some weird thing go wrong with it, and when we go to Hyperion they usually tell us it is a known issue and will be fixed in some later release. I would love to hear about your Hyperion horror stories in the comments. I would also like to hear your Hyperion happy stories! If you have a good stable Hyperion environment, hit us up in the comments as well!

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