Jul 8, 2008

Takin' it back to the ol' school

One of my fellow Systems Administrators came up to me this morning and showed me something that I thought I would share with you. He just finished moving into a new house, and went through some of his old stuff. In his archive of old tech stuff he came across an old CD. What was the CD? It was none other than a genuine Microsoft Windows 95 Upgrade CD! That's right, not just an install CD, but an UPGRADE CD!

I thought that was kind of funny that he would have something like that after all this time. In fact, I sometimes think it is weird to find old copies of Windows 2000 laying around, or even Windows 98 (Gasp!)

Here is a picture of it in all of its glory:

Do you have any old software CD's laying around? I would love to know what you all still have out there!

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