Jul 21, 2008

Really Awesome Free Asset Management System

The other day I was perusing some of my RSS feeds, and going to some of my favorite blogs, when I was reading someone's comment about a very cool asset management/network inventory software. This was a few days ago, so I can't remember which blog it was (Otherwise I would post a link to it) but the commenter said this particular software was a lot like Spiceworks, except without the ads.

I decided to set it up at my work on VM to test it out, and you know what? It is now one of our production products. My boss was extremely happy about it, and before long he was asking me to customize reports, and change different reporting features. It was an instant hit!

This product is called Lansweeper. By adding a simple line to our network logon script, I am able to capture info about all of our workstations and servers. One of the things I found using the program today was that our Help Desk was giving local admin rights to all sorts of users in the field. I was able to squash that right away thanks to Lansweeper!

Here is a list of features from their website:

  • lansweeperLansweeper 3.1 is freeware and contains no ads.
  • Run the server application on as many servers as you like.
  • Use with unlimited clients (no restrictions).
  • Reporting : over 75 hardware, software, network & server reports included.
  • Software and operating system licensing reports and license cost calculation
  • Launch custom commands and programs from the web interface to support your clients (remote control, ping, event viewer, remote screenshot, ...)
  • Win32 Gui to make easy configuration changes.
  • Intuitive new web interface
  • Asset tag vendor integration
  • Wake on Lan support (WOL)
  • Automated installer

Setup was really easy, all you need is to install SQL Express 2005 (Also free) and away you go. The download comes with comprehensive instructions.

What sort of tools do you use to gather information about your network? I love testing this stuff out, especially if I can find one as useful as this.

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