Jul 10, 2008

Easy How to Install Ubuntu Server 8.04 LAMP with MediaWiki

I setup an Ubuntu 8.04 LAMP server with MediaWiki on it the other day and had to look up a few different web pages to get all the info I needed. So here’s a start to finish guide. To give proper credit and save space on this blog I will link to the resources I used (Just click on the titles people!).

Installation of LAMP

The only things I changed on my install was I also installed the Samba File Server at the “Software Selection” screen so I could more easily manage files from my windows box. I also didn’t change the primary network interface.

mediawiki logoInstallation of MediaWiki

Nothing to change on this one, just follow it all the way through.
After your wiki is all installed, time to do a little customization.

Open your LocalSettigns.php file from /var/lib/mediawiki and at the very end of the file add the following lines

$wgUseAjax = true;
$wgAjaxSearch = true;
$wgLogo = "FullURLPathToYourLogoImage";

MediaWiki Extensions

The ones I like the most are the IM Status and the CategoryTree

By: Sundance of Free TV Shows Online

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