Jul 1, 2008

Must have Add-Ins for Firefox at work

With the Aging tabs Plug-in you can set your tabs to remind you that you need to pay attention to all the windows you have open. I have mine set to change different colors after every 2 min duration of not paying attention to them.

Fast Dial lets you save multiple pages that are all brought up in little windows when you open a new tab. This allows you to add the pages you frequent without having to go up to the bookmarks menu or use precious window pace with the bookmark toolbar. On top of that it takes a screenshot of the pages also so it makes it a lot easier to see which links are what.

firefox crop circleIE-Tab, well when a page is stubborn enough to make you have to use IE or if your already setup for authentication on your network through IE then you have the IE-Tab to come to the rescue.

Taboo allows you to add pages to it for later viewing. So say a friend sends you a link and you don't have time to view it right then and you don't want to keep the tab open which uses more resources and you don't want to add it to your bookmarks and clutter them up even more. Just add the link to the Taboo by a simple click of a button then close the tab and come back to it later. Taboo also takes a screenshot of the page you're adding to it so if you add a lot of pages to it they'll be easy to find.

Then finally the savior to accidental Tab Death. The Undo Closed Tabs Button Add-In. This does exactly as it says. If you close out of a tab on purpose or accident it can recover it. It can hold up to 99 Undo Tabs. So if you really need to go back and get something and not deal with digging through your history and hope you find it in a timely manner then the Undo Closed Tabs Button is for you.

By: Sundance of Dot Net Trickster

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