Jul 2, 2008

Drive Safe! Free Cell Phone Headsets!

I live in Southern California, and a new law was just set into effect on July 1st making the use of hands free devices mandatory while driving. I honestly think this is an awesome idea, because there are so many accidents caused by people simply not paying attention while talking on their cell phones. (If only they can do something about the morons who text while they drive too!)

Well, our office manager here just sent out a memo about a company that offers free headsets (just pay the cost of shipping) in an effort to promote safe driving. I liked what they were doing so much, I though I would give them a quick plug. They are FreeHeadset.org, and this is from their website:

Since December of 2003 we've been running a worldwide wireless phone safety program that distributes free cell phone headsets in an effort to promote safe driving. So far we've given away over 200,000 headsets and we'd like to give one to you too!
So if you are in need of a headset, and don't have the dough, check these guys out. They had a headset for my wifes phone for only $3.00 shipping and handling.

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