Jul 18, 2008

I Hate Your Weather!!

Ok, so this one isn't so technical, but it has to be said. I've worked in the IT field for a while now and most of it has been Help Desk work in one form or another.

Until now I've been able to avoid idle chat for the most part during dead air time. Usually I will just ignore the users or the users will be quiet like they should. Shut up and listen I say, don't try to do two things at once!

When its unavoidable idle chat isn't so bad but there is one thing more than anything that really bugs me, and that thing is:

weather sucks"So how's the weather out there?"

When I hear those 6 works I cringe at having to reply to them. I really just want to say is:

"I live in San Diego, what do you think it's like?! It's nice weather; it's always nice weather that's why hundreds of thousands of people come here all year round!! And if you really want to know that bad look it up online!"

But being the good Help Desk agent I am I tell them politely that it's nice and has been good. Then they seem to have to follow up with how their weather sucks...

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